Five Common Computer Issues | How to Fix Them?

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Covid19 is one of the root causes for most of the issues ebbing in the edge. Captured within the four walls, the number of people using a computer and electronic devices has shot up the charts. Common computer issues may arise anytime while working on it.

The computer makes no exception. Irrespective of the field you work, the computer has become an essential and integral part of your life. From a data entry operator to complex processes such as software testing, from gaming to scientific developments, from bill generation to the banking sector, a computer has made an irreplaceable position for itself.


As Steven Levy rightfully puts it “Computer technology is so built into our lives, that it’s part of the surroundings of every artist”.

And it is a given that if there is a rough use computer, it is more likely that you will have a technical breakdown soon. There is no need that you call for a computer service person just for these trivial reasons.

It’s not 1989. The excuse “I’m not good with computers” does not work anymore, does it?. Hence if you’re facing issues with your computer, don’t panic!. Here are some tech-savvy methods to fix your computer.

Common Computer Issues and their Solutions

1. If the computer is running slow:

It is one of the most common computer issues. You may have noticed instances wherein your computer system is running slow. Don’t worry, and this is no rocket science.

  • Run a quick test check from your task manager.
  • It will show which programmes or processes occupy most of the processor resources.
  • Make sure to clear these unnecessary background processes.

With your computer ageing, it becomes challenging to keep up with more data. It usually happens because of the stemming of your OS and fragmentation of your drive.

“Never let your computer know you are in a hurry. Computers can smell fear. They slow down if they know if you’re running out of time!”

2. Strange noises out of the blue:

You may hear a strange loud noise from your CPU fan while turning on and sometimes out of the blue.

  • It is because your desktop will have many fans to cool down different components, and with the heating of these components, fans may turn on randomly.
  • It could be corrected by replacing or cleaning the cooling fans.
  • If there are louder thumping noises coming from your CPU, then it is an indication that you drive may fail soon.
  • If the noise remains the same contact a technician and secure your data.

“Like car accidents, most of the hardware-related problems are due to driver error.”

3. If computer hours to download a simple file:

It is usually because of slow internet speed or completion of per day data.

“If you think patience is a virtue, try surfing without high-speed internet”, all of the can relate to this quote, can’t we?

  • Contact your service provider if the speed is too slow.
  • You can even try changing the connection of your router.
  • Also downloading many files concurrently may hamper your internet speed.
  • Try rebooting your modem or WIFI router.

4. The computer is freezing/ being unresponsive constantly:

As computers are complex machines with multiple programmes running simultaneously, its complexity is the usual reason for its failure.

  • Rectifying this is no big deal, try rebooting your system.
  • Sometimes this can also be an indicator for insufficient memory.
  • Running an antivirus or a malware check will do the need.

5. Your nemesis – BSOD(blue screen of death):

Imagine working on an important document, and suddenly BSOD pops out of nowhere. It is no less than a nightmare.

  • This error probably signifies severe system failure.
  • As the cause of the issue is uncertain, further diagnosis is necessary.
  • Copy-paste the lines of code on your browser to narrow down the issue.

6. Truncated or low-resolution display:

If there is any change in your icons and the display, then it is usually a problem with the graphic card.

  • Updating your graphic card would do the necessary.
  • Try downloading the updated software from your graphic card manufacturer’s website
  • If this does not fix the issue, then there is a severe problem with the card, replacing it would be the best solution.

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Try reasoning these problems with your common understanding, and it is a given that you can correct most of the situation without any aid. If you belong to a corporate or having collaboration with corporate, they must have a team who monitors the problem and provide a perfect solution. Otherwise, Contact a technician only in extreme cases such as disk failure. Remember you can do better than you expect to.