Here is How You can Fix QuickBooks won’t Print Problem

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Besides managing your accounts, QuickBooks allows you to print checks and invoices, hence helping you with an additional bunch of features. With that QuickBooks has become an integral part of a business person’s life. However, a few of the users keep experiencing a problem when their QuickBooks won’t print and fails to deliver the hard copy of checks, invoices and doesn’t print to pdf.

The QuickBooks not printing problem basically pops up due to misconfigured settings, missing or corrupted QuickBooks components, or QuickBooks not connecting to Microsoft XPS document writer. Is your QuickBooks also won’t deliver printouts or denies printing paychecks? Not a problem. Here, we have got you covered with some best hacks which anybody can use from a novice user to an expert in QuickBooks. You just have to follow the instructions given here in this guide to know the reasons and answer why is my QuickBooks not printing.


What Causes QuickBooks won’t Print Problem?

  1. Damaged QuickBooks component.
  2. Missing Microsoft XPS document printer driver.
  3. QuickBooks print command routing to null.
  4. Communication error while converting print to PDF in QuickBooks.
  5. An offline printer not allowing QuickBooks to print.
  6. Print feeder tray is empty or misaligned.
  7. Not logging in as an administrator.

How to Resolve QuickBooks won’t Print Error?

After knowing the reasons behind QuickBooks not printing problem, you need to take adequate measures to fix the issue.

Expert’s tip – Before proceeding with the troubleshooting measures you must restart the printing environment like printer, computer, and internet router.

If still, your QuickBooks won’t print checks or other desired documents then you must follow the below-given steps.

Steps you need to take when your QuickBooks won’t print invoices denies printing paychecks or doesn’t print to pdf.

Solution 1: Assure your print is working otherwise

Sometimes, it happens that the printer is at fault and we keep pocking up QuickBooks for printing issues. Here are the tips to check whether your printer is working fine for other print jobs or not.

  1. First of all, ensure the printer wires are correctly connected at the right place and are not frayed or loose.
  2. Restart your printer and router. Let them get ready to deliver optimum results.
  3. Now open Microsoft Word or notepad on the connected computer.
  4. Copy some random text and paste it on MS Word or notepad.
  5. Now give a print command to the default printer or else select yours from the list.
  6. If your printer delivers the printout, that specifies now your printer is error-free.

Solution 2: Tweak these print settings to fix printer issues

Sometimes, an offline printer problem also leads to QuickBooks printing issues. Here is how you can resolve it.

  1. Open the Control Panel on your computer.
  2. Go to the Devices and Printers section under the hardware menu.
  3. Right-click on your Printer’s icon and ensure the Use Printer Offline option is unchecked. If it’s already not deselected, then click over it twice to get your printer back online.
  4. Also, you should delete the pending print jobs in print queues to fix the printing problem. For that, right-click on the printer icon, click Open print queues, select all pending print jobs and click delete.
  5. Now you may restart your computer, printer, and router.
  6. Make sure the paper in the printer feeder tray and no paper jam in the printer.
  7. Give a test print command to verify if the printing issue has been resolved or not.

Is your printer not printing the test page? Follow these tips

  1. Big show to set your printer as a default device.
  2. There shouldn’t be any loose cable, and the frayed wires need to be replaced immediately.
  3. Ensure to download the latest printer driver and software from the manufacturer’s website.
  4. If still, you face the printing issue, contact your printer’s after-sales support.

Solution 3: Deploy QB Print and PDF Repair Tool to Fight QuickBooks won’t Print Issue

QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool is developed by Intuit Inc. to fix some common QuickBooks printing problems. Following are the steps needed to use this tool.

  1. QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool is already loaded on your computer as it comes with QuickBooks installation.
  2. You need to locate the QBprint.QBP file on your computer first.
  3. You may rename the file by adding a prefix in the name.
  4. The files can be located by following a path, C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks (version). The location remains the same for Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10.
  5. In case you face trouble locating the file then you should unhide the hidden files and folders in the C drive.
  6. Once you locate the file, right-click on QBprint.QBP to rename it.
  7. Now you should open QuickBooks along with the company file and you will find qbprint.QBP is automatically created.
  8. Now you need to open the troubled transaction that doesn’t print or creating an issue to open as PDF.
  9. Try to print the transaction and the QuickBooks not printing problem should resolve.

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Still, facing trouble to print from QuickBooks? Contact an Expert

Great! You have just resolved the QuickBooks won’t print an error like a pro. Now you can become a master of these techniques by suggesting these tips to someone in need. You can share this page with your pals to get them out of the printing trouble in QuickBooks.