How to Fix Avast Unexpected Error with Easy Steps?

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Undoubtedly, Avast is one of the most well-liked antivirus software with a strong customer base all across the globe. It offers a number of features such as personal firewall, protection against malware or viruses, email spam filtering, and many more to protect their systems. Despite of its reputation among users, Avast is also prone to some technical glitches. Avast unexpected error mainly occurs when avast could not connect to the server. There are many other reasons by which you can encounter unexpected error with avast antivirus.  However, you should read the solution offered by Fixing Errors to resolve this issue and eliminate error associated with it in an efficient manner.


Causes of Avast unexpected error

  1. Blue screen of death appears that is BSOD problem.
  2. Issue while working on start menu and suddenly Cortana stops.
  3. Avast secure DNS failed to run properly.
  4. Avast error on the server.

You don’t need to panic, if you come across with such problems, we are here for you to guide you properly in your difficult time. You can effortlessly resolve Avast unexpected error with easy steps by following below mentioned points.

Steps to Resolve Unexpected Error with Avast

Here, we are mentioning the most efficient steps to fix such errors. Simply follow them and enjoy using Avast in a trouble-free manner.

  1. Retrieve copy of your Avast license, if the error is arising due to the license file or the activation code.
  2. If you face problem with Cortana, then simply boot into windows safe mode.
  3. If blue screen of death appears, then try updating Avast anniversary.
  4. Running system file checker tool can repair corrupted system files, so you try that too.
  5. If all fails, then uninstall Avast completely from your system and reinstall and activate it again.

Final Instruction from Experts to Remove Unexpected Error

With a bit of luck and proper execution of these tips, you can revive Avast unexpected error proficiently. If the error continues with antivirus software then further resolve the avast error on the server. We are continuously looking forward to provide you the right solution to fix the problem.