How to Fix 49 Service Error on HP LaserJet Printers?

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HP printer 49 service error is a communication error code that usually arises due to bad print command, corrupt data, invalid operations, firmware, formatter or low memory. When you try to print a document using HP LaserJet printer, you may face 49 error code on intermittent and permanent basis. You may easily remove the temporary error just by restarting the printer but permanent error requires more technical solution. Fixing Errors experts discussing the most suitable solution to fix this service error quickly.


Most Probable Causes of HP Printer 49 Service Error

There can be many reasons if you are facing a 49 service error code with your HP printer. The most possible cause of this error code are as follows:

  1. Invalid or bad printing command.
  2. Damaged or corrupt data transfers.
  3. Due to registry errors.
  4. Invalid operations.
  5. Program not supported by the Laser printer.

Now we are aware of the causes of this critical 49 service error code. Let us move to the solution of this error.

Common Solution to Fix 49 Service Error with HP LaserJet

Given below are the most suitable solution to fix service error 49 with HP printer. Go ahead and apply the steps carefully:

Solution 1: Check the Printer Manually

  1. Cancel all the print jobs and turn off the printer.
  2. Wait around 2 min and turn on the printer.
  3. Now use different software application to print. If it is ok then prints using previous application with you are facing 49 service error.
  4. Now try to print different files. If the 49 error occurs with some specific application then contact that application vendor.
  5. If the error occurs with all the software application then disconnect all the printer cables and network connection.
  6. Again turn off the printer.
  7. Remove all the memory DIMMs or third-party DIMMs from the printer.
  8. Also remove all the EIO devices from the computer.
  9. If you think DIMM or EIO cause the error then replace them.
  10. Turn on the printer and check whether the error 49 still exists or not.
  11. If the error is longer there then install the things that you remove.

Solution 2: Use Updated or Correct Printer Driver

A corrupt or mismatch printer driver is one of the possible cause of HP printer 79 service error. The error occurs when printing a certain document that is more complex or memory-intensive than average. Corrupt or faulty drivers can send bad data to the printer that creates the problems. Update your printer driver to the latest version or use PCL5 drivers and PostScript drivers (not PCL6) to avoid printer 49 service error.

Solution 3: Replace the JetDirect Network Card

A faulty JetDirect network card may leads to HP printer service error 49. You can check JetDirect network card by changing the connection of printer to the USB or parallel port. If bypassing the JetDirect network card, your printer start printing the same job then replace the JetDirect network card.

Solution 4: Convert the Document to the Printed Format

Sometimes many document formats are not supported by the printer to print. So convert the document to another software application like convert a Word document to a PDF or vice versa. The reason behind changing the application is that there are some commands in the document that the printer doesn’t know how to handle.

Solution 5: Check Printer’s Hard Drive or Memory

Check the HP printer’s hard driver and try replacing it. If the service error 49 clear then the hard drive is defective. There are optional memory chips if you find anyone defective then try removing it that will resolve your printer problem.

Final Round up by the Experts

We hope that the above solution will definitely resolve HP printer 49 service error. If you require any hardware parts or software then buy it from the genuine supplier. For any software update visit the printer manufacturer’s website. For more reliable solution for printer or any other device keep visiting us.