Fix No AirPrint Printers Found When AirPrint not Working

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The “No AirPrint Printers Found” is probably an error message that no Apple user wants to see while sending the print command from their iPhone or iPad.  But uncertainty is a part of technology, and hence this error can occur with anybody at any time. If you also frequently encounter an error message “No AirPrint Printers Found,” then this Fixing Errors solution will help you exterminate this frustrating error with some practical tips.


What is AirPrint?

AirPrint is a useful technology designed and developed by Apple that helps you print wirelessly through AirPrint enabled printers without downloading or installing the printer drivers.

This technology comes in various printer models built-in because of the high rise in the iPhone, iPad, or Mac users. Printers supporting AirPrint will have a logo “Works with Apple AirPrint” on their box.

Initial Troubleshooting for AirPrint not working

  1. Always use your home network to connect the AirPrint device as it DOES NOT support the public Wi-Fi.
  2. Make sure your printer supports AirPrint; all manufacturers write the features on top of the box or user manual.
  3. Also, ensure your printer and Apple device connected to the same wireless network.
  4. Move the wireless router close to your printer and put the other devices away that can interfere with the Wi-Fi network.
  5. Restart your printer and Apple device and ensure airplane mode is off.
  6. At times, the security software can obstruct the network, disabling the firewall is the right solution, and then tries to print.
  7. Update your Apple device to iOS 4.2 or later.

Quick fixes for “No AirPrint Printers Found”

This section will cover in detail the troubleshooting steps for AirPrint error. Keep your printer and iOS device handy and try to eliminate the fault and read these quick fixes.

Solution 1: Check the Printer compatibility

  1. If you are using the AirPrint for the first time in your printer, then re-verify that it carries the feature to print wirelessly.
  2. Visit the printer manufacturer website or talk to customer service.
  3. Connect your printer to your home network WiFi network with WPA2 security.
  4. Sometimes AirPrint not working can be resolved by restarting your printer and using a WiFi setup or wireless wizard to connect to your local network.
  5. Enable the Bonjour settings on your printer; this is an essential requirement for AirPrint.
  6. Ensure enabling the AirPrint mode on your printer.
  7. Switch the Internet printing protocols (IPP) to on mode; this setting will make the iPhone find your printer via AirPrint.

If you have already preset these settings, then move to the next method to fix the “No AirPrint Printers Found” error.

Solution 2: Check the Apple device compatibility

  1. The AirPrint feature comes in-built with iOS 5.0 or later devices.
  2. To get AirPrint in your Apple device, update it to iOS 4.2 or later.
  3. Almost all applications in Apple App Store supports the AirPrint feature. You can also
  4. update the particular app to get AirPrint.
  5. Ensure your Apple device to connect to the same WiFi network as your printer.
  6. You can also try to switch your iOS device wireless bandwidth from 5.0 GHz to 2.4 GHz or from 2.4 GHz to 5.0 GHz.
  7. You may encounter AirPrint not working error if you connect your Apple device directly to the printer using Wi-Fi direct. Always use your router to solve the purpose.
  8. Check the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on.
  9. You can try these settings- on your Apple device, click SettingsGeneral. Now scroll down to click Reset > Reset Network Settings after entering the passcode click Ok to confirm.
  10. Additionally, you may go to settings and then turn on the WiFi. Now click Configure DNS > Manual DNS and then after removing the existing DNS, enter 8.8.8 in the first box and in the second box.

Solution 3: Check the Router compatibility

  1. Ensure your WiFi router is compatible with Bonjour features.
  2. Check with your internet service provider and confirm that your wireless router can send the Bonjour packets.
  3. If your router meets all these requirements, but the error message No AirPrint Printers Found displays on your Apple device, then try to restart your printer, router, and iDevice.
  4. Ensure the wireless network light on the router is on and stable.
  5. Set the Domain Name System (DNS) settings to Google pubic system and
  6. Limit the devices connected to your network. Ensure only printer and your iOS devices are sharing the wireless network.
  7. You may contact the internet service provider to increase the WiFi network’s bandwidth to support more devices.

Solution 4: Keep devices nearby

  1. Always keep your WiFi router in proximity or nearby to your printer.
  2. You may contact the internet service provider to increase the WiFi network’s bandwidth to support more devices.
  3. Maintain a distance of 6 feet between devices to avoid AirPrint not working 

Solution 5: Reset your Printer and Router

  1. Router resetting: With your router in running mode, disconnect the wire from your router and then unplug from the power plug. Then reconnect the device again after 30 seconds.
  2. Printer resetting: Ensure your printer is turned on, and unplug the power cable from your printer, now disconnect it from the main socket. Wait for a few seconds, and then connect back again.
  3. Reset Apple Printing system: Click the Apple icon, now go to System Preferences, and then click Printers and Scanners. Now hold Command key and click on your printer name then choose Reset Printing System. Now reboot your Apple device.


All these quick fixes are the proven methods for AirPrint not working error. We have covered all the possibilities which can help you solve this error. AirPrint feature gives you a hassle-free printing experience without the need for printer drivers.