Fix Printer not Responding Problem on Windows

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Actually the Printer not responding problem arises due to bad hardware status and configuration, faulty drivers, poor printer connection and much more. Sometimes users do not know the actual reason why is printer not responding to print command. To fix printer responding problem you should know the actual reason behind it. Fixing Errors suggesting you some troubleshooting methods to fix the problem with HP, Canon, Epson and Brother Printer easily.


Try These Solution to Fix Printer is not Responding Issue

Here is a list of the methods you should try to get rid of responding error with printer:

Method 1: Perform Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure your printer is properly connected to the computer via USB cable or wireless connection.
  2. Shut down your printer, computer and Wi-Fi router and leave for a while and then restart them.
  3. Now print something to check that the printer is responding or not.

Method 2: Run Printer Troubleshooter in Windows

  1. Press Windows key from keyboard and type “troubleshoot“. Select Troubleshoot (on Windows 10) or Troubleshooting on Windows 7.
  2. For Windows 10, click on Printer and then run the troubleshooter.
  3. If you are using Windows 7, click on Use a printer under Hardware and Sound.
  4. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the troubleshooting.
  5. If the troubleshooter finds any issues, fix that with this tool or seek for solutions from other sources.

Method 3: Restart Print Spooler Service

Print jobs are managed by Print Spooler service in your computer. If there is a problem with spooler service then printer stops responding. To fix printer not responding error, you should start printer spooler service by following the given steps:

  1. Log into your system as Administrator.
  2. Press Win + R keys at the same time and type “services.msc” and click Ok.
  3. Now search for Print Spooler. Double click on it to open this service.
  4. If the Service status is Stopped, then directly hit the Start button and then click OK.
  5. Your print spooler service is started, now check printer whether it is responding or not.

Method 4: Configure Printer to Correct Port

  1. Go to Control Panel and then click on Devices and Printers.
  2. In Printers section, right click on your printer and then choose Printer properties.
  3. In General tab select Change properties
  4. Go to Ports tab. Under Print to the following port(s), check the port box that contains the name of your printer.
  5. You should note that the Description of the port should include USB or DOT4 if you are using USB connection, or WSD, network or IP if network connection is used. After choosing the port, click Apply.
  6. Go back to General tab and hit on Print Test Page to perform a printing test to check that you choose the right port.
  7. Repeat step ‘5’ and ‘6’ until you can confirm you have applied the right change.

Method 5: Check for Printer Driver

Driver plays a very important role to provide an interface between computer and printer. If your printer is not responding then there might be a problem with printer driver. You should reinstall or update the printer driver to fix the printer problem.

  1. First confirm the name and model number of printer (you can usually find it in the ‘Devices and Printers‘ panel).
  2. Visit your printer manufacturer’s Website;
  3. Search for Software & Drivers and click on it.
  4. Enter your printer model into the search bar and click Submit.
  5. Choose your Operating system version and download the latest driver for your printer.
  6. Once the download complete, run the installer to complete the setup. Reboot your PC afterward your printer will have the latest driver version that its manufacturer offers.

We hope that the above methods will definitely resolve your printer not responding problem. If the problem still exists then there may be some hardware problem with the printer. In case of hardware problem with the printer, you should contact printer’s manufacturers.