Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular email clients. It is used by millions of people across the globe to send and receive emails. Outlook Send Receive error is one of the common errors that come when a Firewall blocking the incoming and outgoing traffic. The error comes up with an error code 0x80004610. . This article sums up the methods, how you can fix the specific error that is caused in Outlook.


Reasons for Outlook Send Receive Error

Those who use Outlook on a regular basis are already aware of these errors. But even if you are new to Outlook, you will know the possible reasons behind this Outlook error. Possible reasons behind the error 0x80040610 are stated below:

  1. Non-Working Email System
  2. Handling Error
  3. Unresponsive servers
  4. An issue with Internet connectivity
  5. Malware attack on the computer
  6. A heap of spam and junk emails

How to Fix the Outlook Send/Receive Error?

Not being able to send or receive email on your Outlook can be really frustrating especially when you have a pending task on your head. In such a case, instead of losing your mind, you must concentrate on how you can fix the error. Below we have mentioned the various methods that you can use to fix your Outlook Send Receive Error on your own successfully. If you go through the procedure properly, you will definitely be able to fix your Outlook.

Method 1: Disable the Windows Defender Firewall and Antivirus Program

The Windows Defender Firewall may interrupt the Outlook Settings and create an issue. It ultimately leads to errors in Outlook. So You need to disable the Windows Defender to get rid of this error. Here is how you can get rid of the issue and troubleshoot it.

  1. Click on the Windows icon and Open Control Panel.
  2. Select the Network Connection followed by right-clicking on the Network connection.
  3. Open Properties. In that window, there will be an option to “turn off Windows Defender Firewall”.  Click on that option to turn that off.  Refresh the PC.

Check if the error has been fixed. Once the email service is restored, you can enable the Windows Defender.

Method 2: Check Out the Email Account Settings in the Outlook Application

There might be a possibility that email account settings are incorrect in configuration. In that case, you need to get the right configuration of your email service provider. You can use the following steps to change the email account settings in the outlook application.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook followed by Account Settings. Open your email profile. Check if the email account you have added is correct and also check for the type of servers like IMAP,  POP3, and HTTP.
  2. Check the email address and password, server name. Port No., incoming server address, and outgoing server address.

Once done, save the settings. Your device has been reconfigured. Ensure if you are able to send and receive emails, i.e mail services are functioning normally.

Method 3: Try repairing the Microsoft Outlook application

Check if you are using an outdated version of Outlook. Windows can handle this situation well. It can upgrade Outlook, add-ins installation can be repaired.

Open Outlook from the Start Menu. Select the Advanced Option and click on Repair. You can find the Repair Option and Feature. Then click Uninstall or change a program. Select Outlook and then repair.

Method 4: Fix Pst Files With Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.Exe)

You can try fixing the Outlook by Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe). It will repair the PST file, and start working normally.

  1. Run the Inbox Repair Tool named SCANPST.EXE in Outlook files. Search the PST file and hit the Start button.
  2. Wait as the Tool will scan and repair the corrupt PST files. The PST files will be moved to the new file.

Method 5: Check your Internet Connectivity

It might be possible the mail is not being sent or received because of the poor internet connectivity. Use a stable network connection. Check if the internet is working fine by checking a few other websites.

Try reconnecting to the network and open the outlook App. Check if the mail service is working properly and then check for the error.

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Final Words

We have gone through all possible methods to get Outlook working. Hopefully, you can troubleshoot the Outlook Send Receive Error with the methods mentioned above. The mail service should start functioning normally. However, if the problem persists and you aren’t able to troubleshoot the error of your own, contact Microsoft Outlook help to get further information or get help from Microsoft Outlook Community Discussion Forum.