Microsoft Outlook is a famous emailing platform that brings a revolution in the professional field. Being a renowned and reliable platform, you may come across some technical issues with Outlook. If your Outlook not receiving emails but can send then there might be some problem with network connection or firewall blocking the incoming emails. If you are facing the same problem and don’t know why I am not receiving emails in Outlook then continue reading the blog. Here we will discuss the causes and solution of this error.

Why is Microsoft Outlook not Receiving Emails?

If your Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 not receiving some emails then there may some possible causes. Before fixing this Outlook problem, you should know the exact cause of the error. The reasons are:

  1. Spam filters causing the problem.
  2. Network connection error.
  3. Outlook cannot connect to server.
  4. Firewall blocking the incoming emails.
  5. Plugin stopping Outlook from receiving emails.
  6. Outlook profile is corrupted.
  7. Outlook is working offline.
  8. Outlook account is not synced.

Solutions to Fix Outlook not Receiving Emails but can Send

As we discussed above, there are many reasons if you are not receiving emails in Outlook. So let us discuss the solution one by one to start receiving emails in Outlook.

Solution 1: Check Outlook Service and Internet Connection

Internet connection is must if you are running Outlook to send and receiving emails. If there is not internet connection then Outlook can’t send and receive emails. So make sure there is an internet connection by browsing something in the browser.


Sometimes it might be possible that Outlook’s service is down that is why Outlook is not able to receiving emails. Go to Outlook’s status service page and check the service status, if there is green tick then service is running normally and if there is red mark then Outlook service is down.

Solution 2: Check Outlook Junk Folder for Email

If Outlook spam-filter found any sender suspicious then all emails from that sender goes to Spam folder. Follow the given steps to unmark any sender as suspicious to fix Outlook not receiving emails problem.

  1. Open Outlook and click on Spam.
  2. You will see a list of spam emails there.
  3. If you found email in spam that you want in inbox then click Junk>Not Junk.


  1. If Outlook ask you to trust the sender then check mark “Always trust email from……” and click OK.

Solution 3: Disable Outlook Working Offline Mode

If your Outlook is working offline then you can’t receive emails in Outlook because in this mode Outlook is disconnected from the server. Fix the problem by disabling the working offline mode using given steps:

  1. Start Outlook and click on Send/Receive tab at top menu.
  2. Click on Working Offline option to make it online.


  1. Now your Outlook will start working online.

Solution 4: Make Sure Address in not Blocked

If you blocked a user from receiving emails that Outlook doesn’t receive email from that sender. Follow the givens steps to start communication with the sender.

  1. Open Outlook and go to Settings then click View all Outlook Settings.
  2. Click on Mail and further select Junk Email.
  3. Now remove the address from “Blocked senders and domains”.


Solution 5: Check Inbox for Space

Outlook inbox has limits to store emails. If your Outlook storage limit is full then Outlook can’t receive emails but can send. Delete the unwanted emails from inbox, spam and other folders to make free space.


There is an amazing feature in Outlook called ‘Sweep’. It will help you to delete old emails from a specified sender. This method helps you when Outlook is not receiving emails due to storage problem.

Solution 6: Check Outlook Email Rules

Outlook offer you the feature to set rules for incoming and outgoing emails. If you are using some strict rules then you may face Outlook not receiving some emails problem. To delete Outlook rules go to Outlook’s Settings > Mail > Rules. Now click on trash icon to delete the rules that are creating problems.


Solution 8: Enable Automatic Refresh Feature

Outlook keeps refreshing all folders to show new emails. If Outlook stop receiving emails then it may be possible that auto-refresh feature is not working. To enable automatic refresh, open Outlook and go to Send/Receive Group Settings and turn on automatic refresh option. You can also set refresh frequency time like 2-5 min.


Solution 9: Disable Antivirus and Firewall Programs

As we discussed in the causes section, security programs may creates problem in sending and receiving emails in Outlook. Therefore, temporarily disable the antivirus, Windows firewall and other security program to check whether the Microsoft Outlook not receiving emails due to security applications.

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Wrapping Up

We hope that the above solutions helped you in resolving not receiving emails in Outlook issue. We are continuously looking to provide you the best solution. If your Outlook still creating problem in receiving emails then tell us in the comment section. We will suggest you the right solution.